How Inconsistent Marketing Can Affect Your Business

01 Sep How Inconsistent Marketing Can Affect Your Business

As a small business owner, you‘re not seeking out customers once, but repeatedly. You want customers to come back every time and to refer their friends and family to you. To be able to achieve this, your marketing efforts should be consistent so that you’ll be in the forefront of your customers minds when they need you. You need to build a consistent brand awareness, give potential customers the chance to evaluate you, engage with you and then buy from you.
This means developing and implementing strategies and tactics to ensure the right potential customers are communicated to with the right message, at the right time and in the right place.  If you’re inconsistent in messaging or targeting of your potential customer it can damage the brand, the communication strategy and ultimately people can stop buying from you or talking about you.


Not knowing your target

If your marketing messages are aimed at a large audience or you’re always changing whom you advertise to, then you may end up missing your target audience altogether. For instance, if you own a clothing shop targeting young mums but you’re randomly advertising in channels that communicate to single ladies, over 50’s, or holiday shoppers, then this inconsistency in targeting may result in missing the target completely. This shotgun strategy may work to some degree but will dramatically decrease sales as well as bring a low advertising return on investment and reduce your ability to acquire loyal and ‘raving’ customers in a niche market.  It may also cause confusion in the market place.

Ignoring what works

You may have a marketing strategy that works well, but if you keep alternating between different strategies then you could be missing out on better returns. You should first commit yourself to a marketing strategy and then give it enough time to measure the results before you delve into something new. You may end up never knowing what marketing strategy works perfectly well for your business.


Following the latest marketing fads

In this fast paced world of communication there’s always the next best thing being launched. Whether you’re keen to deliver your message through new channels like Periscope or Meerkat or your trying your luck with ads on Google, Facebook or Twitter. If you’re the kind of person that switches their marketing any time there’s a new thing, you will end up becoming inconsistent in both your targeting and messaging. Don’t forget to understand your customers and find the right marketing channel for your audience, whether its traditional media like press, pr and flyers or online channels. And always test and measure whatever it is you try.


Messages that are mismatched with what you offer

Ensure that the type of products or service you promise within your marketing communications is consistent with the actual services and products that you provide. For example, when you promise to get a Pizza delivered to your door hot and within 15 minutes… then make sure that you can practically meet that expectation!
Consistency between message and product/service delivery is key to keeping customers, building loyalty and acquiring new customers.


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